"Step into my shoes and follow my bleisure journey"


"Give a man the right shoes (or the freedom of not to wear them) and he can conquer the world"

Over the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively for both business and leisure. Along the way, I have enjoyed sharing my experiences on Instagram and connecting with people with similarly diverse passions. 

As a business and leisure traveler, my shoes have been always my faithful travel companions. I have realized that they are not only a fashion accessory, an extension of our personality or style; they are also an expression of our way of being. They really can shape and influence the type of day we are going to have. I have also realized that the way I am going to move around the world is often dictated by my shoes.

The philosophy behind my social is to blend Business and Leisure experiences discovering new and stylish hotspots. On my blog, I try to collect all the nicest hotels, restaurants, places and things around the world. For this purpose, I am used to traveling rigorously alone. Enjoy this Journey!

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